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Tim Kalinowski of Phillips Exeter Academy joins Jr. Warrior Family

By Sabrina Lapointe, 09/05/17, 3:45PM EDT


Every hockey player has their own journey. For some, the game is family tradition, passed on from generation to generation. For others, they pick up the sport by their own interest. Regardless of how you get there, everyone who is a part of the hockey community knows it to be a special experience.

Incoming Jr. Warrior forward Tim Kalinowski shares what that experience was like for him. “I was kind of unique in my youth hockey years. I think on our high school hockey team I was probably the only guy that never played select or club hockey, I always played town hockey.”

The Marblehead native shared his pride in wearing a Marblehead jersey through his entire public high school career.

“Playing with my friends mattered so much to me. Being a captain of my team and playing in front of the students I grew up with and playing with the teammates that I had since I was little.”

Once his four years at Marblehead High School came to an end, Kalinowski decided to do a post-graduate year at Phillips Exeter Academy.

“It was one of the hardest years for me being away from home but it definitely made me a better player and better person, a better learner,” Kalinowski said.

The Phillips Exeter boys varsity team finished off their season with 23 wins, seven losses and one tie, with all losses ending in close scores. Kalinowski hopes to bring some of what he learned at Phillips Exeter, over to his game with the Warriors.

“Coach Barbin engrained it into my brain very early that I had to develop as a player and he was very hard on me but he forced me to become better as a defensive player. I think that he taught me that, you have to have a part of your game that makes it so the coach has to put you in the lineup,” Kalinowski said.

Part of what makes this 5-foot-7 forward such a valuable player is his high hockey IQ. What he may lack in size, he makes up for in knowledge and play making ability.

Kalinowski said, “I’m more of a playmaker I enjoy getting other people the puck first. I think there’s a lot of guys out there with a lot better shots so I try and do the little things to get them the puck.”

Being coached by Jr. Warriors coach Andy Heinze in previous Hockey Nights in Boston, Kalinowski was already aware of him as a person and his coaching style.

“He coached me a couple years ago and I just liked him as a guy and as a coach I knew he was a guy I could trust so I decided to sign with the warriors and be part of that family for this coming year,” said Kalinowski.

A main area of focus for the 19-year-old has been flexibility. After suffering a minor back injury during his post-graduate year, he has been working on flexibility, endurance, injury prevention, along with putting on some weight.

When asked what he’s looking forward to the most, Kalinowski said it’s the amount of games played.

“I’m excited to play a lot of games. I think that when you play high school and prep school hockey it’s kind of like football where you’re preparing for one game or two games a week. It’s tough to really get into a rhythm. I think that with the warriors it’s like wow you’re playing three games a week and that’s just a lot of hockey. It should be a fun experience.”

The Warriors took the ice earlier this morning to kickoff practicing for the season.